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Sunset Memorial Gardens was originally established in 1956.  It was originally designed following the "memorial park" concept crafted in the 1930s.  Memorial park cemeteries, in contrast to traditional cemeteries, have no gravestones, upright monuments, or ornate tombs to interrupt the natural beauty of the landscape.  Instead, elegant bronze memorials, flush with the ground, mark each grave.  Today, Sunset is one of the premier cemeteries in the region. .

Sunset Memorial Gardens is now able to provide products and services for both traditional burial and cremation.  The cemetery offers traditional ground burial property, lawn crypts, mausoleum crypts, and an array of cremation niches.  There is also a beautiful chapel on the property where funeral services may be held.

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Sunset Memorial Gardens
3250 Versailles Rd.
Frankfort KY 40106
Phone: (502) 695-3023
Fax: (502) 695-0038
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